IMPORTANT: Note to old admin panel users

Access to the old admin panel will only be available for a limited time in the future since we are currently transferring all the affiliate programs into the new affiliate dashboard.

If you are still using the old style admin panel be sure to login to the new admin panel as soon as possible with your new login details that have been emailed to you and update all your links with the advanced tracking pixel links from the new affiliate admin panel.

Unlike the old style links that used cookies to track sales, the new links use a tracking pixel which means that even if you made a sale by a customer who recently may have cleared out their cookies, you will still be credited for the sale which means more income for you and ensures you are credited for every sale.

If you have any questions about transferring over to the new admin panel please contact us


Old Admin Panel (before Nov 1st 2011)

If you signed up to the SGHealthAffiliateProgram before 1st November 2011 you can access the old affiliate admin panel here