The Truth About Health Affiliate Programs

If you have ever promoted anything as an affiliate you will know that all affiliate programs are not the same. Some affiliate programs promise you the world and give you nothing in return. Whilst others make claim to only the actual real life potential you can achieve by promoting the affiliate program.

I firmly believe in the golden rule “do unto other as you would have done to you”. I try to apply this in all aspects of life and creating affiliate offers is no different.

Besides, who would want to promote an affiliate program that doesn’t convert – No One. So why then do most affiliate programs just throw together any old offer and ask affiliates to promote an untested offer. Any affiliate program that does this is abusing it’s affiliates since they are asking their affiliates to waste time testing the offer for them. This can also damage the affiliates reputation if the affiliate sends offers or advertises ‘dud offers’ that don’t connect with the buyer and could even discourage a buyer from trusting you as a trustee in the future.

The only way to avoid this is to only promote offers that have been ‘tested’ by the developer. When the developer or affiliate program owner spends his or her own money from his own pocket testing new offers before recruiting affiliates, you know the offer has been tweaked and tested and carefully fine tuned to perform.

I am also an affiliate and when it boils down to choosing the best affiliate offer to promote, it’s a minefield out there. The affiliate commission has to be good however in my experience the highest percentage payout does not necessarily mean the offer will convert well, if at all. So how do you choose the right health affiliate program to promote? I wish I had found an affiliate program where all the offers had been tested, prior to me promoting them and feeling like some kind of guinea pig.

If you are looking to make money from a health and beauty affiliate program as an affiliate marketer, all the offers you find in the SG Health Affiliate Program have been tested and finely tuned to convert.  They will work for you; not as a guinea pig, but as a real business partner.

Seize the day!

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