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New Health Affiliate Program ‘Micro-Niche’ Offers

The problem with health affiliate programs is that most target the same niches with similar products. There is no uniqueness to the products being offered. There is no USP or unique selling point. It’s OK to send your email list an offer for a similar product however is it the same product as the last one you promoted but in different packaging?

If this is the case, the offers are too similar to have an effect and encourage a would be buyer to get their wallets out and actually buy something from you. When you are looking for a health affiliate program to promote health and beauty products as an affiliate, it’s valuable to spend a little time checking the uniqueness of a product.

How many other similar products are available online? Is shipping Free for the buyer? Is the offer a bundle offer? Does the offer include 1-click up sells and email up sells. Does the product being offered have a sub-niche appeal to an already established niche? These are all some of the things to look for when looking for a health affiliate program.

Every offer you promote should have it’s own unique selling point. If it doesn’t, then your audience has probably seen similar products before and has no reason to buy the products you promote over other products.

In addition, every niche market can be divided into several micro-niche markets. Products and offers that are so specific are reasonable candidates to promote since the message being portrayed is focusing on the ‘bulls-eye’ buyers in those micro-niches. These are buyers who have not yet found what they are really looking for in an existing niche. Hence ‘micro-niche offers’. Micro-niche products convert highly since the offer is micro-targeted to a micro niche within an existing niche.