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Why Health Affiliate Programs Work In A Tough Economy

Imagine taking off in a small plane over a large city. The plane reaches 1000 feet then 5000 feet and remains at that height. It’s night time so it’s dark all except for the house lights. Now imagine those house lights glowing red all except for the houses with whom the occupants have a health problem they would want to solve with natural products.

These houses all have bright green lights. Hundreds of thousands of houses would have bright green lights on. A large percentage of those occupants wouldn’t want to part with any money in order to solve their health related problem with natural products. So you can count out about 90% of those green lights. That would leave maybe tens of thousands of green lights with whom the occupants would be willing to spend money to buy natural health products and solve their problem.

That’s why a recession doesn’t apply. Whilst there are people who would pay for their health problem to be resolved with natural health products, there is always going to be a market and a potential for you to make money re-selling health products that are highly targeted to niche markets.

The news and media use negative marketing to take over your mind and destroy your imagination. It’s your decision to allow them to keep kicking you down or to free yourself from negative media.

Whilst those green lights on those houses remain bright, you have the potential to supply those products to those occupants and earn great commissions. Simply sign up to the SG health affiliate program and start reaching those green lights with your health affiliate program offers.

The opportunity is there, all you need to do, is to take action!