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5 Tips For Successful Health Affiliates

Here are listed 5 tips for health affiliates who want to make the best of their marketing campaigns.

1. Chose Multiple Niches

Chose multiple niches that might complement each other. For example if you build a website around acne, you might want to also consider another niche that complements the first for example scar treatment. This way you can cross sell your niches later on once you have offered your initial products and services.

2. Be Specific

When building your website landing pages, blog posts and email auto responders, you need to be ultra specific. Being specific will let Google and the other search engines know exactly what your site is about allowing Google to find you more targeted traffic in search engines and pay per click advertising.

3. Keep it ‘White Hat’

Keeping your marketing methods white hat will prevent any potential damage your business could sustain later on if you were using any ‘black hat’ seo or quality score cheating. Google likes to see navigation above the fold on your landing pages and possibly a link to a blog on your domain. You might also consider displaying the previous 3-4 blog posts on your landing pages that tells Google you are constantly updating your blog posts. This helps with PPC quality score and SEO.

4. Capture email addresses

Create an optin page to ask for your visitors email address so you can send updates and information about your niche including offers to products. Don’t overkill your sales pitch – build a relationship with your visitors by offering useful, interesting and unique information before sending your sales pitch offers.

5. Chose the right products. If the health affiliate program isn’t converting your traffic, consider switching to a different health affiliate program that is proven to convert when you send targeted traffic to the offers.