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Adding ‘Killer Content’ to Your WordPress Website

So you have your affiliate marketing idea and you’ve found suitable affiliate products to promote with good commissions, so what next?

I’ve previously discussed buying your own domain name rather than using a free domain name and the reason for committing $10 per year for your own domain name is to ‘own your website’.

When you add content to domains that you do not own yourself, you’re simply renting or borrowing that space rather than owning you’re own property. So once you have your domain name the next step is to build your website and the easiest way to do this is to use a free content management system like WordPress.

Also in a previous video I covered ‘How to Install WordPress with 1 Click in less than 2 minutes

In this video, I’m going to show you how to begin adding killer content to your wordpress website that will build trust with your readers and encourage them to follow your affiliate offers and promotions.


For more information about domain names, hosting and websites for affiliate marketing visit the affiliate tools and resource pages here

Affiliate Marketing: Where do I begin?

I can remember when I was a young school boy, my parents travelled a lot and I went to many different schools. I was the ‘new kid’ in the class many times and at the time it wasn’t much fun being the new kid all the time.

However looking back it gave me experience many kids didn’t have. It gave me an open mind to many different schools and cultures in different countries. I’m pleased I had the opportunity to make new friends in so many places and gain more experience from exposure to many schools.

It kind of reminds me of when I first started affiliate marketing. When I first started I didn’t even know what affiliate marketing meant, I just started reading and doing. Actually putting into practise what I read and learned from products I invested in. As it turns out most of the products I purchased didn’t make me any money. But I did learn a lot and gain a lot of experience actually implementing the information.

You don’t have to struggle as a ‘newbie’ affiliate marketer for long. Because I am going to explain exactly what to do in the next few posts on this blog.

What you must do is target a narrow market. Make your website focussed on a niche carefully selected market. Don’t throw up a website and show lots of banners and and products that are not related.

You must select your keywords carefully by doing keyword research. I will talk more about keyword research in another post but for now, lets just concentrate on the basic structure of a your affiliate campaign.

You should choose 1-4 main keywords. These keywords will be closely related and you may maybe 10-15 more sub keywords that also relate to the first main keywords.

You will use your keywords to plan your website to allow the search engines to know exactly what your website is about.

For example if you are looking at targeting the weight loss market, you will have so many competitors and probably work hard for 6 months only to fail. This maybe because you need to dig further into the weight loss market and find keywords that relate to a sub market within the main weight loss market.

Here’s an example..

Top level market: Weight Loss

Sub level market: Weight Loss > Weight loss for women

Niche level market: Diuretics Supplements for weight loss in women

You have a much better chance of winning the game and owning your market when you carefully target a sub niche. In the example above the sub niche would be diuretics for women.

You would then conduct your keyword research using Google adwords keyword tool.

Once you have several small groups of keywords to work with you can then plan your website pages and articles.

In my next post I will talk about keyword research and how to apply those keywords to your website.

Resources for this post:

Setup a free website/blog: WordPress

Free keyword research tool: Google Keyword Tool

Make sure your chosen niche is trending upwards or stable here: Google trends

How To Make Money From A Herbal Affiliate Program

Traffic congestion, Rio de Janeiro(Leme), Brazil
1 reason to escape the dilbert cube

If you had to start an affiliate marketing business from scratch, what would you do? Maybe you would chose a herbal affiliate program..

I can remember when I was waking up at 6am in the cold dark UK winters, scraping the ice from the car windows to join the traffic jams on the Motorway. I had my fair share of information CD’s I had purchased from Internet Marketing Guru’s I had with me in the car and every day I joined the cue in the traffic moving a few hundred meters per hour.  I’d make use of the time gathering information to escape the torturous routine I felt trapped in.

It wasn’t just the traffic, or the routine, I actually enjoyed my work but I didn’t like being told what to do especially when those telling me what to do didn’t have a clue. Going into work when it is dark in the morning and coming home in the dark isn’t much of a life I wanted to be in, I had to get out somehow.

I was ‘feeling the pain’ and that inspired me to start my own affiliate business. Chipping away, building an online presence in my chosen niche.

It did take time to learn the ropes and eventually a few dollars came in, then a few hundred dollars and eventually I had three months wages saved in the bank to get out of the misery and start my own business.

If I had to start again from scratch what would you do?

This is what I would do..

1. I would make sure I had the determination to start a business. You need determination to keep chipping away one day at a time. Imagine being in a jail cell with a nail file every day cutting away a few microns of metal from the cell bars. You need to be determined to keep filing away at those bars every day. In time, you will break out and see the world in a different light – once you have a steady stream of affiliate income coming in every month.

2. You need to choose a niche – and own it! Do the research with Google Adwords Keyword Tool and check out several markets to make sure the traffic volume is there and the competition is fair.

If, you dive into a niche market with lots of big players without research, you’re doomed to fail from the start. You need to take a right angled view of the niche and ‘claim your stake’ with a different message.

For example, If you wanted to enter the weight loss market you would have so much competition you would not be able to compete with the same old message. Instead, you need to ‘be able’ to break into the market with a different message. Consider this message..

‘Lose 20 Pounds in 2 weeks’

Instead you could consider the ‘right angle’ point of view in the weight loss market and introduce an  ’emotional eating’ website.

3. Once you have an idea and a niche, It’s a good idea to start to gather leads with an optin form. Test the market by building a website and writing blog posts with a call to action to optin for more information. Building a list from the start will empower your business later on once you have many email subscribers.

4. Get traffic, either purchased by PPC or by posting in forums. You can test your website with paid traffic from Pay Per Click advertising. It might cost you a little to test your site but it’s worth spending a little money to test your site before you start investing time or money with SEO and Link building.

5. Chose niche affiliate offers to promote. Look for affiliate programs that have unique offers that you could target within your chosen niche.  For example, you could chose a herbal affiliate program or an adult affiliate program.

Health affiliate offers with unique products are great to promote.

6. Keep chipping away. Rome wasn’t built in a day however If you have the determination, you can build your own affiliate marketing empire to create a real asset, that will benefit you for years to come.

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