The Truth About Health Affiliate Programs

If you have ever promoted anything as an affiliate you will know that all affiliate programs are not the same. Some affiliate programs promise you the world and give you nothing in return. Whilst others make claim to only the actual real life potential you can achieve by promoting the affiliate program.

I firmly believe in the golden rule “do unto other as you would have done to you”. I try to apply this in all aspects of life and creating affiliate offers is no different.

Besides, who would want to promote an affiliate program that doesn’t convert – No One. So why then do most affiliate programs just throw together any old offer and ask affiliates to promote an untested offer. Any affiliate program that does this is abusing it’s affiliates since they are asking their affiliates to waste time testing the offer for them. This can also damage the affiliates reputation if the affiliate sends offers or advertises ‘dud offers’ that don’t connect with the buyer and could even discourage a buyer from trusting you as a trustee in the future.

The only way to avoid this is to only promote offers that have been ‘tested’ by the developer. When the developer or affiliate program owner spends his or her own money from his own pocket testing new offers before recruiting affiliates, you know the offer has been tweaked and tested and carefully fine tuned to perform.

I am also an affiliate and when it boils down to choosing the best affiliate offer to promote, it’s a minefield out there. The affiliate commission has to be good however in my experience the highest percentage payout does not necessarily mean the offer will convert well, if at all. So how do you choose the right health affiliate program to promote? I wish I had found an affiliate program where all the offers had been tested, prior to me promoting them and feeling like some kind of guinea pig.

If you are looking to make money from a health and beauty affiliate program as an affiliate marketer, all the offers you find in the SG Health Affiliate Program have been tested and finely tuned to convert.  They will work for you; not as a guinea pig, but as a real business partner.

Seize the day!

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Affiliate Marketing: Where do I begin?

I can remember when I was a young school boy, my parents travelled a lot and I went to many different schools. I was the ‘new kid’ in the class many times and at the time it wasn’t much fun being the new kid all the time.

However looking back it gave me experience many kids didn’t have. It gave me an open mind to many different schools and cultures in different countries. I’m pleased I had the opportunity to make new friends in so many places and gain more experience from exposure to many schools.

It kind of reminds me of when I first started affiliate marketing. When I first started I didn’t even know what affiliate marketing meant, I just started reading and doing. Actually putting into practise what I read and learned from products I invested in. As it turns out most of the products I purchased didn’t make me any money. But I did learn a lot and gain a lot of experience actually implementing the information.

You don’t have to struggle as a ‘newbie’ affiliate marketer for long. Because I am going to explain exactly what to do in the next few posts on this blog.

What you must do is target a narrow market. Make your website focussed on a niche carefully selected market. Don’t throw up a website and show lots of banners and and products that are not related.

You must select your keywords carefully by doing keyword research. I will talk more about keyword research in another post but for now, lets just concentrate on the basic structure of a your affiliate campaign.

You should choose 1-4 main keywords. These keywords will be closely related and you may maybe 10-15 more sub keywords that also relate to the first main keywords.

You will use your keywords to plan your website to allow the search engines to know exactly what your website is about.

For example if you are looking at targeting the weight loss market, you will have so many competitors and probably work hard for 6 months only to fail. This maybe because you need to dig further into the weight loss market and find keywords that relate to a sub market within the main weight loss market.

Here’s an example..

Top level market: Weight Loss

Sub level market: Weight Loss > Weight loss for women

Niche level market: Diuretics Supplements for weight loss in women

You have a much better chance of winning the game and owning your market when you carefully target a sub niche. In the example above the sub niche would be diuretics for women.

You would then conduct your keyword research using Google adwords keyword tool.

Once you have several small groups of keywords to work with you can then plan your website pages and articles.

In my next post I will talk about keyword research and how to apply those keywords to your website.

Resources for this post:

Setup a free website/blog: WordPress

Free keyword research tool: Google Keyword Tool

Make sure your chosen niche is trending upwards or stable here: Google trends

Make Money As An Affiliate

What have blogs, pay per click, banners, search engine optimization, link building, article posting, social media and autorespondershealth affiliate program got in common?

They are all forms of online marketing and ways to make money as an affiliate promoting health affiliate programs.

Here’s a quick overview..

Blogs are so easy to setup now with the advances of wordpress and other blogging platforms. You don’t even need to buy your own domain to run a blog but it would help to show your authority on your chosen niche or subject if you owned the domain.

Post 5-6 articles on your blog to get it started and add a few backlinks from other high ranking sites to get your blog indexed by the search engines. You can then build your blog traffic by obtaining more backlinks and posting more content every so often. I’ve found that posting at least one good article each month is a minimum if you want to keep climbing up the ranks of the natural search engine results.

You could write a few reviews of the health or beauty product you are promoting from the health affiliate program directory. Then add a few banners and and your affiliate links from your blog to the health affiliate offers.

If you are going to be buying clicks from a Pay per click advertising program like Adwords or Bing/Yahoo posting content on your blog with get you a higher quality score.

It’s also a good idea to build your own email list and write about 5-10 autoresponders to send out once each week to your email list.

You could add a popup on your blog or simply ad an optin form on your blog and ask for the name and email in exchange for a small gift. Your gift could be more information, a video, anything that your visitor might want in exchange for their email address. Once you collect the email address in a program such as Aweber and with permission, you have many more chances of promoting your health affiliate program offers by email over a period of time, rather than the one time the visitor was reading your blog.

Re-writing your articles and posting them to article directories is a great way of building external content and links back to your blog. You can even post to video sites like Youtube and add links back to your blog site. This will create a link-wheel which can give your blog more authority in the SERP’s.

More importantly your articles on your blog should be compelling and be written in a way that pushes the emotional buying buttons. This is a way to prime your reader into buying the health product you are promoting.

Set up your blogs and get your links and banner here…

Health Affiliate Program

Video Reveals How to Add Your Health Affiliate Program Links

It’s sounds easy to most internet marketers however I do know that some new affiliates need a little extra help to promote their health affiliate program offers. Here are 2 short videos revealing exactly how to add affiliate links to a WordPress post or to your web page using Dreamweaver.

Video 1 – How to add your health affiliate program links to a WordPress post.

Video 2 – How to add your health affiliate program links to your web page using Dreamweaver.

Health Products Affiliate Programs: Tips For Affiliates

Health Products Affiliate Programs: Tips For Affiliates

When you begin affiliate marketing and promoting health products affiliate programs, unless you already have an established website with traffic you are going to need to spend time getting your website ready. The worst thing to do as a health product affiliate is to make an untargeted website. You will see better results if you chose just one or two products that relate to one another to start promoting from a health affiliate program directory

Your niche website should be all about one subject. The worst thing you could do is to advertise non-related products
on a website with content that is not related to the product you are trying to sell.

If it is a weight loss product from a diet affiliate program your website needs to be all about weight loss.

If you chose an anti ageing skin care niche, your website should be all about anti ageing skin care with lots of articles about the subject. If you are starting a new website about 8-12 articles of 500 words each is the minimum recommended amount of content. You need this amount of content to start with so Google and the other search engines see your website as substantial and relevant to a subject.

You can use the Google wonder wheel tool to obtain keywords that Google relates to other keywords and you can write about these subjects and include those keywords shown in the wonder wheel tool to get brownie points in Google’s search engine and advertising programs.

So keep your website nice and targeted with a clear heading to your website. For example if you were targeting products like whey protein from a nutrition affiliate program, your website might include articles relating to body building and fitness. Although you might also include a couple of articles specifically about the benefits of the product.

If your products are from a natural health affiliate program, you might have assorted herbal products that relate to a specific health ailment.

The point is to keep your website targeted and related to the products you are promoting. It then takes time to bring visitors to your site by posting articles on articles directories, posting on related blogs and in related forums.

Keep it targeted and don’t stop marketing your health affiliate site and you will see the results of your labour in due course.

How To Make Money From A Herbal Affiliate Program

Traffic congestion, Rio de Janeiro(Leme), Brazil
1 reason to escape the dilbert cube

If you had to start an affiliate marketing business from scratch, what would you do? Maybe you would chose a herbal affiliate program..

I can remember when I was waking up at 6am in the cold dark UK winters, scraping the ice from the car windows to join the traffic jams on the Motorway. I had my fair share of information CD’s I had purchased from Internet Marketing Guru’s I had with me in the car and every day I joined the cue in the traffic moving a few hundred meters per hour.  I’d make use of the time gathering information to escape the torturous routine I felt trapped in.

It wasn’t just the traffic, or the routine, I actually enjoyed my work but I didn’t like being told what to do especially when those telling me what to do didn’t have a clue. Going into work when it is dark in the morning and coming home in the dark isn’t much of a life I wanted to be in, I had to get out somehow.

I was ‘feeling the pain’ and that inspired me to start my own affiliate business. Chipping away, building an online presence in my chosen niche.

It did take time to learn the ropes and eventually a few dollars came in, then a few hundred dollars and eventually I had three months wages saved in the bank to get out of the misery and start my own business.

If I had to start again from scratch what would you do?

This is what I would do..

1. I would make sure I had the determination to start a business. You need determination to keep chipping away one day at a time. Imagine being in a jail cell with a nail file every day cutting away a few microns of metal from the cell bars. You need to be determined to keep filing away at those bars every day. In time, you will break out and see the world in a different light – once you have a steady stream of affiliate income coming in every month.

2. You need to choose a niche – and own it! Do the research with Google Adwords Keyword Tool and check out several markets to make sure the traffic volume is there and the competition is fair.

If, you dive into a niche market with lots of big players without research, you’re doomed to fail from the start. You need to take a right angled view of the niche and ‘claim your stake’ with a different message.

For example, If you wanted to enter the weight loss market you would have so much competition you would not be able to compete with the same old message. Instead, you need to ‘be able’ to break into the market with a different message. Consider this message..

‘Lose 20 Pounds in 2 weeks’

Instead you could consider the ‘right angle’ point of view in the weight loss market and introduce an  ’emotional eating’ website.

3. Once you have an idea and a niche, It’s a good idea to start to gather leads with an optin form. Test the market by building a website and writing blog posts with a call to action to optin for more information. Building a list from the start will empower your business later on once you have many email subscribers.

4. Get traffic, either purchased by PPC or by posting in forums. You can test your website with paid traffic from Pay Per Click advertising. It might cost you a little to test your site but it’s worth spending a little money to test your site before you start investing time or money with SEO and Link building.

5. Chose niche affiliate offers to promote. Look for affiliate programs that have unique offers that you could target within your chosen niche.  For example, you could chose a herbal affiliate program or an adult affiliate program.

Health affiliate offers with unique products are great to promote.

6. Keep chipping away. Rome wasn’t built in a day however If you have the determination, you can build your own affiliate marketing empire to create a real asset, that will benefit you for years to come.

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How Some Affiliate Programs Take Advantage Of You

How Some Affiliate Programs Take Advantage Of You

It often amazes me how some health affiliate programs get away with giving their affiliates so little to work with and then expect the world back.

I don’t mean to rant on about it, but imagine this:

You have your email list of trusty subscribers who read your email list as soon as it hits their inbox. What you say to your subscribers is valuable content and good‘Old honest information. – Then, you look for a suitable affiliate offer to show to your subscribers.

The problem is, if you only have a 1 page or 2 page offer to send your newsletter subscribers to, your going to have to work harder to research and create new content. That is, if you want to send the offer out several times to the same list.

This is what most health affiliate programs offer you. A simple link to a product page with little information describing the product.


Don’t get me wrong, any good affiliate knows that to provide additional unique content backing up the offer, creates a more value.

So wouldn’t it be even better, if the affiliate program provided at least 10-20 pages of unique content on the products website as well as lengthy email auto-responders enticing your subscribers to buy!

Would’nt you agree?

Doing it this way, instantly makes the affiliates life a whole lot easier. The affiliate is then able to write a short review or summary of the article or content on the product website and point potential buyers to different pages of the website over a period of time.

With more pages of unique content to chose from,  you have a lot more control over how you promote to your subscribers AND to make your affiliate business unique.

Here’s an example of what I mean..

Day 1 – You send an email to your list outlining the offer to aggravate the itch the subscriber might have

Day 2 – You send an email to your list to page X on the product website that scratches the itch

Day 3 – You send an email to your list to page Y on the offer website that scratches the itch

Day 4 – Send an email to your list to the sales page on the offer website (That’s right, page Z)

Day 5 – Send an email to your list to the sales page again to irritate the itch again

In the case that a subscriber doesn’t buy on day 5 you continue to..

Day 6 – Send an email to your list to page A on the offer website aggravating the itch again

Day 7 – You send an email to your list to page B on the offer website that scratches the itch

Day 8 – You send an email to your list to the sales page on the offer website

If the sale isn’t made, the process repeats.

If you only had an offer to promote with a skinny 1 page website to send your list to, you would run out of content pretty soon. And anyone else promoting that product would have an identical offer to yours.

On the other hand, if you chose to promote an offer that has a website with lots of pages and lots of content to send your list to, allowing you to chose which pages of content would be more suitable to show you list, it makes your job as an affiliate a hell of a lot easier to make sales.

And we ALL like more sales!

The next time you chose to promote an offer from a health affiliate program, make sure you chose one that doesn’t take advantage of your list by only supplying you with a 1 or 2 page offers with hardly any content.

Chose the right health affiliate program that will actually listen to what the affiliate wants to make your life easier and to make more money as a partnership for both the health affiliate program and the affiliate.

A Health Affiliate Program Success Story

“Success was staring him in the face and he didn’t even realize it”

I once knew a guy called Jack. He was working as a media marketer for an offline business and earned the company hundreds of thousands of dollars every year and he was also pulling in a decent salary that sustained his family with a stylish living.

Everything changed when the company started to make cut backs and Jack was laid off and paid a mere pittance compensation for his years of commitment.

What was Jack to do next? He had bills to pay like everyone else, after 3 months of not being able to get job in marketing his wife was worried about the mortgage and the kids schooling fees and started feeling resentment towards Jack.

Jack was down to his last few dollars that would only last him two months maximum,

Jack had to do something.

After deciding that scratching at the feet of company bosses begging for a job was not his thing, Jack decided to start his own business – this was it, all or nothing.

Jack spent every minute of the day transferring his own marketing skills that he had developed and mastered over the years working for ‘the man’, into an online presence.

Every day Chiseling away one chip at a time developing marketing channels and sales funnels for products that he didn’t have to invest time or money developing and creating himself but for products that other businesses had spent time and money creating.

On the 5th week of mastering how to use his skills online, the checks started to come in. The more Jack promoted, the bigger the checks would be. They didn’t come all at once but Jack was able to keep his head above water for 6 months until finally the pay-checks eventually grew to more than what he was getting before working for someone else (but without the office politics and groveling to the boss). Even though Jack was promoting products as an affiliate for a health affiliate program, he owned his own business and he decided what to promote Not the other way around.

To make money online, you don’t necessarily need a product. In fact if you don’t have a product yourself your in a good position. You have the pick of the bunch so to speak, choosing at your own leisure which products to promote.

Sometimes the percentages that affiliate programs payout is as much profit margin if not more than the actual product owner would receive. Obviously this makes sense since the affiliate doesn’t have the business costs and product costs the product owner would have. All the affiliate does is promote existing products and earn as much if not more profit than the product owner.

You can believe me when I say that affiliates make the world go around and you might be surprised to know just how many affiliates are out there, not hiding but out of the spotlight, laying below the radar, directing and matching buyers to offers and earning half the cut of all online transactions.

All About The Health Affiliate Program …Entrepreneur

Some time ago my travels took me to the red soil of the Northern Plains of Thailand. A gracious schoolteacher named Harry ran a foster care program for orphans. He took me on a tour of his world.

How incredibly different it was from mine.

Someone had loaned Harry a beat up old Toyota pickup, so we didn’t have to walk. He drove me through twisting back-county roads of Kalasin, dodging potholes the size of bathtubs and showing me how the other half lives.

We would pass bands of children walking along that road and women carrying two water jugs on wooden poles stretched out across their backs. I met all kinds of kids without moms and dads, mostly living with relatives and hopefully holding body and soul together.

I met one kid whose most recent home was an old hen coup.

We visited a wooden hut where a girl, maybe 12 years old, was playing in the dirt in her filthy pink dress. She was mentally handicapped and there was no one else around. Harry spoke kindly to her in her native language. He gave her something to eat. Eventually, we left.

As we drove away, I thought, “I’d never leave MY kid here. . .”

It was gut wrenching. All these people staring at me with that blank gaze of poverty and apathy. Paralyzed by a belief that there’s nothing they can do to make their life better.

I asked Harry if he ever helped any of these people start businesses. “Yes!” he nodded excitedly. “I will show you some of our micro loan recipients.”

Harry drives me to another village. We walk into a carpenters shop. A guy named Duang is making furniture from trees. Duang had been involved in a hit and run accident when he was a kid so he couldn’t walk . His crutches are leaning against the wall behind him.

Duang does NOT have that blank hopeless stare. His eyes are clear. He’s alert and he’s aware. He’s proud of what he does. His kids have uniforms, they attend school, they are well fed. He’s a respected man in the community.

His legs might not work right, but he’s not a cripple.

Harry explains to me that with a $50 business loan, Duang founded that carpenters shop and became an economic pillar of his community.

By Western standards Duang is poor, but he’s not living in poverty. Duang doesn’t speak the same tongue as me yet when our eyes lock we both sense that we share a common language: The language of entrepreneurship. He’s proud of what he’s accomplished and he’s not asking for handouts.

My friend, there is a one and only path out of poverty. It ain’t UNICEF. Or the United Nations. It’s not even jobs or technology.

It’s entrepreneurship. It’s brave people like Duang.


Imagine for a moment that someone had taken Duang’s $50 and sold him a sham “business opportunity.” Big bag o’ smoke. Hit & run. Isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

How much would that scam have cost Duang . . . really?

For one thing he’d be a cripple living in a deserted hen coup today. Begging on the side of the street. Not a successful entrepreneur. Not a guy with a house and a kitchen and 2 beautiful kids.

His 2 kids would be living with who-knows-who, or maybe no one. Duang’s carpenter shop wouldn’t be there in the middle of his village. People wouldn’t be getting their chairs made. A certain school would be minus 2 students. A seamstress would have sold them two less school uniforms. The vendors who sell him tools and nails would have one less account.

His kids might be stealing food instead of buying it.

Do you see how these little tiny hinges swing big doors?

That’s why it really makes me cringe when snake oil salesmen sell bad business advice. They’re teaching people s*** that doesn’t work.

Doesn’t matter whether it’s Asia or America or Antarctica, it’s still a crime. I hope them scammers end up living in an old hen coup. They sure don’t deserve to be making megabucks, that’s for sure.

I got fleeced real good for the first few years of my business career. You probably know that story and if you don’t I won’t bore you with it. But anyway, I’m one of those people who believe things happen for a reason. Maybe one of the reasons that happened to me was . . . so I’d know what it’s like.

God forbid that I ever sell people big bags o’ smoke. Or that you should ever spend your money on one of those bags o’ smoke.

I believe that when someone teaches how to fish, they should teach you with real boats and real fishing poles and real ponds. Not with a flight simulator. They should be able to prove what they do works. In real market conditions with real tools and real customers. Not shills.

Every time someone sells fake business advice, the world losses a few entrepreneurs. People who might have made it, but they couldn’t recover from that one loss.

Who knows… what might have been?

Every time someone delivers *real* business advice, the world gains a few entrepreneurs. More “Duangs”. More carpenter shops. More kids going to school. More food to go around. More for everyone.

I take my job – and your job – very seriously. What we both do matters. A lot.

If you have any kind of “real” business on the Internet; if you know that more leads for less money, better sales conversion, improved follow up and a superior marketing strategy would put more money in your pocket; then I invite you to join and promote the unique offers available from the SG Health Affiliate Program.

Not all are accepted, but if we let you in, I back it with a huge promise that if you put in the effort, you’ll get the results.
Whether you live in Asia, Europe or America – whether you are just starting to promote health affiliate products, or if you are an experienced online marketer – I hope you take your work, very seriously. Because a very very important entrepreneur depends on the knowledge you apply:


5 Tips For Successful Health Affiliates

Here are listed 5 tips for health affiliates who want to make the best of their marketing campaigns.

1. Chose Multiple Niches

Chose multiple niches that might complement each other. For example if you build a website around acne, you might want to also consider another niche that complements the first for example scar treatment. This way you can cross sell your niches later on once you have offered your initial products and services.

2. Be Specific

When building your website landing pages, blog posts and email auto responders, you need to be ultra specific. Being specific will let Google and the other search engines know exactly what your site is about allowing Google to find you more targeted traffic in search engines and pay per click advertising.

3. Keep it ‘White Hat’

Keeping your marketing methods white hat will prevent any potential damage your business could sustain later on if you were using any ‘black hat’ seo or quality score cheating. Google likes to see navigation above the fold on your landing pages and possibly a link to a blog on your domain. You might also consider displaying the previous 3-4 blog posts on your landing pages that tells Google you are constantly updating your blog posts. This helps with PPC quality score and SEO.

4. Capture email addresses

Create an optin page to ask for your visitors email address so you can send updates and information about your niche including offers to products. Don’t overkill your sales pitch – build a relationship with your visitors by offering useful, interesting and unique information before sending your sales pitch offers.

5. Chose the right products. If the health affiliate program isn’t converting your traffic, consider switching to a different health affiliate program that is proven to convert when you send targeted traffic to the offers.