Affiliate Marketing Training for Beginners

Still a beginner? Need a hand to get started making money as an affiliate?

No problem!

Meander your way through the links and training videos below for newbie marketers, and you’ll soon be up and running and ready to earn affiliate commissions in next to no time! (well, as quickly as you decide to put what you learn into action that is :o)

1. Firstly your going to need to own your own juicy domain name? See how to get one here (after you click its about half way down the page)

2. Already got your domain name? OK, If you’re serious about building an online income, hosting your own website is definitely the way to go. This article reveals how to get your own hosting account

3. Need a website to display your delicious articles, videos and content? Click here to discover how to install WordPress in 2 minutes flat, (its free to install and the search engines love wordpress!)

3. I here you say, “OK, so I got my domain name, hosting account and wordpress website, so whats next” – Well, next you should seriously consider to begin adding content to your wordpress website that will build trust and relationships with your readers (and potential buyers). Click here to watch the video and learn how to do this now.

4. Done all the above? Finally, lets begin the process of making money! Start by adding your affiliate links to your website, the old videos here (but still relevant) show you how

Once you have completed all the above give yourself a pat on the back, because although its likely you have yet to make your first commission, you’re well on your way to doing just that.

For more advanced marketing materials first go through the general affiliate training videos here. You’ll also find a training video section in your affiliate dashboard – simply login and go to ‘Training Videos’ on the left hand side of your affiliate dashboard.

Until the next time!

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