A Health Affiliate Program Success Story

“Success was staring him in the face and he didn’t even realize it”

I once knew a guy called Jack. He was working as a media marketer for an offline business and earned the company hundreds of thousands of dollars every year and he was also pulling in a decent salary that sustained his family with a stylish living.

Everything changed when the company started to make cut backs and Jack was laid off and paid a mere pittance compensation for his years of commitment.

What was Jack to do next? He had bills to pay like everyone else, after 3 months of not being able to get job in marketing his wife was worried about the mortgage and the kids schooling fees and started feeling resentment towards Jack.

Jack was down to his last few dollars that would only last him two months maximum,

Jack had to do something.

After deciding that scratching at the feet of company bosses begging for a job was not his thing, Jack decided to start his own business – this was it, all or nothing.

Jack spent every minute of the day transferring his own marketing skills that he had developed and mastered over the years working for ‘the man’, into an online presence.

Every day Chiseling away one chip at a time developing marketing channels and sales funnels for products that he didn’t have to invest time or money developing and creating himself but for products that other businesses had spent time and money creating.

On the 5th week of mastering how to use his skills online, the checks started to come in. The more Jack promoted, the bigger the checks would be. They didn’t come all at once but Jack was able to keep his head above water for 6 months until finally the pay-checks eventually grew to more than what he was getting before working for someone else (but without the office politics and groveling to the boss). Even though Jack was promoting products as an affiliate for a health affiliate program, he owned his own business and he decided what to promote Not the other way around.

To make money online, you don’t necessarily need a product. In fact if you don’t have a product yourself your in a good position. You have the pick of the bunch so to speak, choosing at your own leisure which products to promote.

Sometimes the percentages that affiliate programs payout is as much profit margin if not more than the actual product owner would receive. Obviously this makes sense since the affiliate doesn’t have the business costs and product costs the product owner would have. All the affiliate does is promote existing products and earn as much if not more profit than the product owner.

You can believe me when I say that affiliates make the world go around and you might be surprised to know just how many affiliates are out there, not hiding but out of the spotlight, laying below the radar, directing and matching buyers to offers and earning half the cut of all online transactions.

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