Adding ‘Killer Content’ to Your WordPress Website

So you have your affiliate marketing idea and you’ve found suitable affiliate products to promote with good commissions, so what next?

I’ve previously discussed buying your own domain name rather than using a free domain name and the reason for committing $10 per year for your own domain name is to ‘own your website’.

When you add content to domains that you do not own yourself, you’re simply renting or borrowing that space rather than owning you’re own property. So once you have your domain name the next step is to build your website and the easiest way to do this is to use a free content management system like WordPress.

Also in a previous video I covered ‘How to Install WordPress with 1 Click in less than 2 minutes

In this video, I’m going to show you how to begin adding killer content to your wordpress website that will build trust with your readers and encourage them to follow your affiliate offers and promotions.


For more information about domain names, hosting and websites for affiliate marketing visit the affiliate tools and resource pages here

Affiliate Marketing 101: Should I Focus On One Product?

I had an interesting question today from a new marketer..

“Now I have a webpage, should I focus on one product at a time instead of having all products on one page?”

This is a good question and the answer is simple, Yes and No!

Here’s wheat I mean..

If you’re just starting out then my answer to that would always definitely be YES. You can always think about promoting other products later on but first its important that you take the time to ‘think’ about the type of person who would want to buy your one single chosen product.

Once you have taken time to ‘think’ about that product and the type of person who would might possibly want to buy it, you then should be able to take that person by the hand and ‘lead them around your webpage’.

Take your readers by their hand

Now OK, you wouldn’t physically take their hand and walk them around, but with web sales, this in principal is what you’re doing, i.e. reaching out to individual ‘real’ people who might fit the criteria to purchase the products you are promoting.

This can take many forms, for example you could begin buy researching what other sellers and affiliates are writing about and begin writing your own creative articles, or if you prefer you could use video to communicate to your potential buyers.

 Use Good Ol’ Google to Crawl into Your Prospects Mind

The easiest place to start researching is (you guessed right) Google!

Use Google and type in words and phrases about the product and maybe type in questions what your target market might be asking..

For example, in the Candida market please might be talking about or asking questions about..

– “what types of foods should I be eating to help with candida”


-“has anyone tried product ‘X’ to help with Candida”

These are only example but these are the types of questions people who need help with this particular problem might be asking. If you’re able to provide information and answers to these questions in your articles and content and make your articles original and truly informative, then your readers are more likely to trust the authors opinion (YOUR Opinion) and follow you to interact with your next article, content piece or product offer :o)

Hang out where your prospects hang out

From there you can research forums, articles and other websites and group discussions about the type of products and about the types of questions your target person might be asking.

Content in the form of articles, videos or audio recordings are all good ideas to get your message across and really at least one of these is needed to supply information to your buyers.

Many good  marketers begin by writing between 3 to 5 really good articles and use these as your main ‘pillar’ articles for your website. (These are the main articles that really get to the heart of what you’re promoting and the reasons why).

You can present your content in the form of reviews or as informative articles or in other ways you feel best suits your style – or a combination of those.

But the main thing to keep in mind is WHO your readers will be.

Once you have your content in the form of articles, videos or other, you will then need to be able to physically display your content with the intention of bringing potential readers to your content.

Internet marketing technology evolves – FAST!

This leads me onto technology..

Way back, when I first began marketing online there was no real easy way to display content on your own website without spending days creating websites or finding someone who can create a website.

These days its much easier, WordPress is without doubt the leading website content management system out there and its totally free to use.

Once you have a domain name and hosting account from Godaddy, you will be able to install WordPress with a couple of clicks.

Here’s a video showing how to install WordPress..



Once you have WordPress installed and setup and your articles and banners on the site, your already 60% of the way to making your first sale.

The next step is promoting your website and to save ‘overwhelming’ you at this point I will go into this in another post (or simply join the affiliate marketing program here). In the meantime you should install your WordPress site , get that setup and running with your ‘3 to 5 pillar articles’ of 500 words or more.

The #1 most important thing your can do to get sales with affiliate marketing is to..

..take action and cease the day!

For more affiliate training for beginners visit this page Affiliate Marketing Training for Beginners

Why Hosting Your Own Website Makes Plain Good Sense

Some people rent the house they live in. Some people have no choice but to rent, however in business its always better to OWN your own properties and websites are your website business properties.

You can post articles on article directories, videos on Youtube and bites of information on Facebook although the problem with this is, what if Google, Facebook or the owner of the website decides they don’t like your content anymore? Or maybe they change their business model and your content is no longer appropriate and take your content down? You lose all your work!

Its still a very good idea to post on article directories, forums and use social media to attract your prospects attention, although the whole purpose of posting on websites you don’t own or control is to bring your prospects back to read content on YOUR website.

When you host your own website you’re the owner of YOUR website and YOU make the decisions about what YOU want to do with it. With that said, hosting costs real money but from as little as $5 per month, its well worth the investment if your serious about making money online.

Once you have your own website with content it become an asset you own. You can build upon your asset or even attempt to resell your asset to other online marketers, so its a good idea to begin to build your online business starting with your own website as a base.

This video reveals how to get your hosting account up and running..


For more information about domain names, hosting and websites for affiliate marketing visit the affiliate tools and resource pages here









Affiliate Marketing Training for Beginners

Still a beginner? Need a hand to get started making money as an affiliate?

No problem!

Meander your way through the links and training videos below for newbie marketers, and you’ll soon be up and running and ready to earn affiliate commissions in next to no time! (well, as quickly as you decide to put what you learn into action that is :o)

1. Firstly your going to need to own your own juicy domain name? See how to get one here (after you click its about half way down the page)

2. Already got your domain name? OK, If you’re serious about building an online income, hosting your own website is definitely the way to go. This article reveals how to get your own hosting account

3. Need a website to display your delicious articles, videos and content? Click here to discover how to install WordPress in 2 minutes flat, (its free to install and the search engines love wordpress!)

3. I here you say, “OK, so I got my domain name, hosting account and wordpress website, so whats next” – Well, next you should seriously consider to begin adding content to your wordpress website that will build trust and relationships with your readers (and potential buyers). Click here to watch the video and learn how to do this now.

4. Done all the above? Finally, lets begin the process of making money! Start by adding your affiliate links to your website, the old videos here (but still relevant) show you how

Once you have completed all the above give yourself a pat on the back, because although its likely you have yet to make your first commission, you’re well on your way to doing just that.

For more advanced marketing materials first go through the general affiliate training videos here. You’ll also find a training video section in your affiliate dashboard – simply login and go to ‘Training Videos’ on the left hand side of your affiliate dashboard.

Until the next time!

Make Money with Health and Beauty Affiliate Programs: How to send traffic to any landing page

You have your website, you have found the product you want to earn commissions for and sometimes you might want to promote a specific product located on an inner landing page. To create your own unique link with your affiliate id already embedded in the link, watch the video..

Video 1 – Create affiliate links to landing pages of your choice..

Free Affiliate Training Video Tutorials

I hope you had a chance to look through the first section of affiliate training videos from your affiliate center dashboard. If you have watched those videos then you will already know..

– How affiliate marketing works

– Your role as an affiliate

– Where to find traffic

– Why a blog is useful to post articles and refer buyers

If you are already an active affiliate referring sales for other merchants thats great. The next steps for you would be to familiarize yourself with your affiliate account functions and the available marketing materials. There are videos that discuss this in more depth also.

However if you are still figuring out affiliate marketing and wondering where to begin, then I would highly recommend you watch the videos under the section ‘Advanced Affiliate Marketing’.

affiliate marketing training

Even if you are not an advanced affiliate yet, this set of video tutorials will show you the various forms of generating traffic to send potential buyers to buy from our websites, so you can start earning referral commissions as soon as possible.

Login now and watch the next set of tutorials here..

Login and watch affiliate training videos

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The Health Affiliate Program Marketer Evolution

There has never been a better time to start your own business as an affiliate marketer. You can easily try new ideas online for as little as 50 dollars and those small ideas can grow into fully fledged businesses.

Online affiliate marketers are involved in the majority of sales that are placed online today and if you think affiliate marketing is dead, then you are wrong. Even the Goliath Google actively encourages affiliates to promote their own services. Google know that affiliates are a huge asset to their marketing and lead generation efforts.

If you are looking for affiliate offers to promote, the online health and beauty market is a multi-billion dollar industry and ripe for the picking. Most health and beauty products are consumable products that are used up by the consumer and therefore the customer retention rate is very high. As a health and beauty product affiliate, If you can provide the end consumer with exactly what they are looking for and provide quality products, the chances are they will be back to buy from you again and again.

Chose to promote a health affiliate program that will arm you with ultra targeted offers and unique products to capitalize on your customer retention rate. You should also receive repeat commissions on all recurring sales that are placed by customers who come back to buy time and time again.

When you promote these kinds of health and beauty products either as an affiliate or as a wholesale buyer, you are guaranteed repeat customers. These repeat sales allow your business to grow without you having to replace customers that have already purchased once since a high percentage of customers will buy the same health & beauty products again.

Affiliates are here and are here to stay and the affiliate evolution is in process. Are you promoting the right kinds of products as an affiliate that award you with recurring payments for repeat sales?

Higher Affiliate Payouts on Herbal Affiliate Programs

Higher Affiliate Payouts on Herbal Affiliate Programs

One of the main benefits of affiliate marketing is that you as the affiliate do not fulfill. It is the job of the merchant to fulfill orders, ship inventory, handle customer services, handle returns and refunds and of course pay you as the affiliate.

Herbal affiliate programs can payout higher margins than many affiliate programs since the merchant usually can buy and manufacture product in bulk and therefore are able to pay higher affiliate commissions than other types of products.

In fact I would hazard a guess that most affiliates earn a higher per sale payout than the actual merchant. Since the merchant has all the overheads of handling, procuring, storage, staff and the list goes on. For this reason, choosing to promote and refer sales is a good business to be in.

Once you have your referral funnel setup and successfully sending traffic and making sales from herbal affiliate programs, you can simply move onto the next idea or product. On the other hand the merchant is ‘married’ to the product and service.

With that said, it is still important that you keep adding to your marketing for your niche. Regular article posts on a blog keeps your content fresh for the search engines. You may be a Pay per click marketer, in which case to grow your business your campaigns will require monitoring and tweaking.

Once you have your herbal affiliate marketing campaign setup and actually converting, it will only require little maintenance. Freeing up your time to work on other projects, or as some super affiliates do, take a holiday.

The journey to successful affiliate marketing can be a learning curve but also can be a financially rewarding experience at the same time arming you with internet marketing skills for future. Gaining that experience with high paying herbal affiliate programs is a great way to build your affiliate marketing skills whilst earning high commissions.

Also, if you are promoting health supplements or cosmetics, don’t make the mistake of sending traffic to Amazon or one of the larger online giants. The commissions are very small in comparison to selecting a niche affiliate program with much higher payouts.

Why Health Affiliate Programs Work In A Tough Economy

Imagine taking off in a small plane over a large city. The plane reaches 1000 feet then 5000 feet and remains at that height. It’s night time so it’s dark all except for the house lights. Now imagine those house lights glowing red all except for the houses with whom the occupants have a health problem they would want to solve with natural products.

These houses all have bright green lights. Hundreds of thousands of houses would have bright green lights on. A large percentage of those occupants wouldn’t want to part with any money in order to solve their health related problem with natural products. So you can count out about 90% of those green lights. That would leave maybe tens of thousands of green lights with whom the occupants would be willing to spend money to buy natural health products and solve their problem.

That’s why a recession doesn’t apply. Whilst there are people who would pay for their health problem to be resolved with natural health products, there is always going to be a market and a potential for you to make money re-selling health products that are highly targeted to niche markets.

The news and media use negative marketing to take over your mind and destroy your imagination. It’s your decision to allow them to keep kicking you down or to free yourself from negative media.

Whilst those green lights on those houses remain bright, you have the potential to supply those products to those occupants and earn great commissions. Simply sign up to the SG health affiliate program and start reaching those green lights with your health affiliate program offers.

The opportunity is there, all you need to do, is to take action!

New Health Affiliate Program ‘Micro-Niche’ Offers

The problem with health affiliate programs is that most target the same niches with similar products. There is no uniqueness to the products being offered. There is no USP or unique selling point. It’s OK to send your email list an offer for a similar product however is it the same product as the last one you promoted but in different packaging?

If this is the case, the offers are too similar to have an effect and encourage a would be buyer to get their wallets out and actually buy something from you. When you are looking for a health affiliate program to promote health and beauty products as an affiliate, it’s valuable to spend a little time checking the uniqueness of a product.

How many other similar products are available online? Is shipping Free for the buyer? Is the offer a bundle offer? Does the offer include 1-click up sells and email up sells. Does the product being offered have a sub-niche appeal to an already established niche? These are all some of the things to look for when looking for a health affiliate program.

Every offer you promote should have it’s own unique selling point. If it doesn’t, then your audience has probably seen similar products before and has no reason to buy the products you promote over other products.

In addition, every niche market can be divided into several micro-niche markets. Products and offers that are so specific are reasonable candidates to promote since the message being portrayed is focusing on the ‘bulls-eye’ buyers in those micro-niches. These are buyers who have not yet found what they are really looking for in an existing niche. Hence ‘micro-niche offers’. Micro-niche products convert highly since the offer is micro-targeted to a micro niche within an existing niche.