Affiliate Resources

For specific tools and affiliate resources relating to the health product offers, login to your admin panel and view the marketing materials available from the links on the left side of your admin panel.

Below are tools and resources relating to affiliate marketing in general.

There are three things a successful affiliate marketer will always need and those three things are:-

1). Knowledge – Ask any good internet marketer about training and If they are worth their salt they’ll tell you they are always adding to their personal marketing knowledge, online trends, new tools, etc so if it’s knowledge your after, checkout some basic affiliate training videos here and also see the getting started building your website guides here.

2). Determination – Knowledge is one thing, having the determination and fortitude to put it into practice and succeed is another. Once you put a small fraction of knowledge into practice you’re already ahead of 90% of all affiliates who join an affiliate program (bet ya’ didn’t know that!) So keep applying what you learn, and those commission payments will follow.

3). Tools – new tools are being introduced all the time to shortcut and assist affiliates although without the knowledge, tools are useless. Handing a monkey a wrench doesn’t mean to say he’s going to fix your car!

But if you have already watched the training videos, here are some tools that you shouldn’t be without as an online marketer, (I’ve tried to keep these resources free where possible however some of the tools listed below are paid tools from other businesses where mentioned and you should really only use the fundamental tools needed before adding to your box with more fancy tools..


Tools & Resources:

Websites, Domains & Hosting

If your doing anything online you need a domain name. You can always use online portals like blogger although if you are serious about making money online, you need a domain and I’ll explain why. It’s OK to submit articles to article directories and other content to social media sites etc however ultimately you want control over your business and the only way you can control your business is to own your domain name.

I always use godaddy to buy domains for around 10usd per year.

Your also going to need somewhere to host your domain, godaddy have upgraded their hosting services recently although I’ve had some bad experiences with godaddy hosting before so I stick to godaddy for buying domains only and I use hostgator for low cost, reliable hosting and they have really good customer and technical support if you ever need them.

Once you have your domain and hosting, in my opinion the most reliable and flexible website platform an affiliate could use is wordpress. There are so many themes and plugins available now that your options to customize your website without technical knowledge is limitless. You can easily install wordpress from your hosting account with just a few clicks, watch the video on the blog if you are unsure how to do this.

Another website builder that is an alternative to wordpress is Weebly. Although weebly is very easy to setup and use it ultimately has less flexibility than wordpres so unless your already familiar with using wordpress, Weebly is another non-techie website builder you could put to use.



Adwords Keyword Tool – Research keywords to begin your website campaign or to find new keywords to include in your marketing. There is a also a video in the affiliate training program pages showing how to use this keyword research tool effectively.


Google Insights or Google Trends as it used to be know is a great tools for finding out what keywords and terms are hot in the Google search engine. This is a good way of finding hot topics and keywords to include in your articles.



Use tracking software to track what keywords visitors used to find your website, which pages they visit and how long they hang around. Tracking is essential if you are to know what is and isn’t working on your site. Google Analytics is the most common tracking system and its free. Another visitor tracking system I find very useful is GetClicky, which as well as all the usual tracking formation shows you in real time what visitors are doing on your website and the exact keyword that visitor used to get there.


Email & Autoresponders

Email lists and autoresponders – The most successful affiliates I know build their own email lists to capture visitors email addresses to be able to re-market to the same leads over and over again. This involves placing a form on your website to capture the email address sometimes known as an opt-in form. The email address is then saved in a database and your pre written sequential emails can be sent to the email list over a period of time.

The following services provide excellent email follow up software and lead databases with only a very basic technical knowledge requirement.

Aweber are a aid service although they do offer a free trial period – visit Aweber

Mailchimp has a free email lead capture service for up to 2000 email addresses although the autoresponder service is a paid service – visit MailChimp

Get Response – another close competitor to Aweber although I find their interface a little more difficult to understand when your first starting out.