About Us

..and About the Health Affiliate Network

I’m really pleased you want to know more about who we are, what we do and why we do it so here’s the low down..

What we do

The short version is that we offer an online ‘meeting place’ for affiliates who want to earn commissions promoting products without the hassle of dealing with shipping, customer services and all the other ‘stuff’ that merchants deal with. On the opposite side of the fence we offer merchants the opportunity to advertise their products in our network allowing exposure of the best products and offers to affiliates in our network, (or publishers as affiliates are sometimes known.)

Who we are

I’m the founder of SG Health Affiliate Program and I began affiliate marketing way back when the internet was a wee baby, so I know what affiliates want and need to perform and benefit from great products, converting offers and good commissions.

For merchants, the  good news is I’ve also been a merchant, I’ve developed several businesses offering some of the leading products in their respective markets so I have been on both sides of the fence and to a certain extent I still am – both affiliate marketer and a merchant although recently my main interest has been ‘giving back’ to the affiliate community.

Why we do it

Unlike some other affiliate networks, we have a small but strong team of people and the reason for that is I personally work my ‘socks’ off to bring you the best paying, highly converting offers and why do I do it, you might be asking? The simple answer is – I enjoy it. Affiliate marketing has been my full time career for many, many years and now its time to give back to the ‘affiliate scene’ – welcome to the SGHealthAffiliateProgram