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Who Else Wants to Profit and Make Money Reselling ‘Hot’, In-Demand, Natural Health Supplements & Skin Care Products?

Online (and offline) sales for natural health supplements, vitamins and skin care products have grown and are expected to continue to grow EXPONENTIALLY, in despite of any downturn in the economy, (it’s a ‘safe market’ that not only turns-over but also GROWS, regardless of the state of the economy.) 

Your opportunity to profit and make money from reselling these products has never been better.

Here’s YOUR Chance to ‘Cash in’ on the Natural Health Gold Rush!

We’ve done all the market research and products development for you. When you partner with you are guaranteed to Natural Health Supplements Wholesalebe offering your customers some of the most ‘in-demand’ products in the natural health supplements and natural skin care markets.

You can save and increase your profit margin by purchasing wholesale or you can login and place a drop ship order and we’ll ship your orders straight to your end customers door. We’ll then send you tracking information for your orders.

We’ll support you in any way we can to be help you be profitable, make money and succeed reselling some of the hottest natural health and skin care products available.

What’s the Difference Between Wholesale and Dropship?

There’s actually three ways to partner with us and make money reselling some of the best natural health products available. You can chose one or all three ways, whichever suits your business model best – whichever you chose we’ll be there to support you.

Don’t have a business model yet?

No Problem..

profitsWe help new resellers get started all the time and we pride ourselves in helping new business start ups and small home businesses to get started and begin making money. Here are three proven business models you can start using right away..

Wholesale – You’ve probably already heard of wholesale- Generally, wholesalers will be able to purchase 10 units or more with a plan or ambition to resell, to make a  profit.

When you buy wholesale you actually purchase products in bulk that are physically shipped to you.

The benefits of buying wholesale is that you ‘buy in bulk’ and save upfront and make more profits on the sales you make.

However unlike other providers, when you buy wholesale from, we give you all the support, tools and training you need to be able to profit.

Buying wholesale is the most profitable method of partnering if you already have an established retail outlet, website or ‘group of people’ to sell to already -OR you inspire to make money and profit using this business model.

Dropship – Drop Shipping is different to wholesale in that you place the order ONLY when you receive the order from your customers. When you receive an order, you place your order from your special dropship order page with special drop ship prices and we’ll ship the order to your end customer as if the order came straight from your business. You simply place the orders and keep the profits.

Affiliate Program -The third option to partner is by using affiliate links where you send web traffic to our website pages. Our affiliate program has its own separate website to this reseller website. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate instead of a reseller visit the affiliate program webpages here.

If you’re thinking..

How Can SG Resellers Guarantee You’ll Make Money As a Reseller?

If you join and purchase as a reseller and implement the marketing tools and services we offer, I will personally guarantee you will make money and profit from resellers these products OR I’ll buy back any stock you’ve purchased – its that simple!

But I know that (hand-on-heart,) WHEN you DO purchase and implement our marketing advice that You’ll profit and make money, I can be confident in giving you this ‘No Risk Guarantee.

Do You Qualify?

We receive SO many requests to partner and because we receive so many requests I need to be sure YOU are ready to make money and be profitable as a true partner.

Its not that we can’t make EVERYONE profitable, its more because we want to help those who really DO WANT to be profitable WITH US, because this will Guarantee success and maximum profits for YOU.

Check the boxes that apply to you..

ONLY IF you checked all 5 boxes then you’ll most likely be able to partner with us!

If you DID check all 5 boxes, please complete the reseller application form below..

(Once your details have been approved, you will be contacted by email and sent your username and password and details of how to proceed.)

Tell us how you intend to market these products. (Include any ebay/amazon account ID's and website URL's and as much information as possible to support your application.)